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Beyond the Cover-up

Author : Martin Gottschall, PhD ©


The cover-up has been a matter of common knowledge for fifty years. For all of this time, UFO researchers and people in the know about UFO’s have been waiting on the authorities and the experts to disclose what is known and to apply their expertise to this subject. This has not yet happened.

While there seem to have been some disclosures by the authorities in an indirect and deniable manner, and has had minimal impact on public opinion. While qualified people have joined the research effort, they seem to have done so because of their personal convictions, and not as part of a concerted effort.

Consequently, we are still where we were half a century ago – waiting for something to happen. The time has come to face the fact that the disclosures which we believe we have every right to, will not be made willingly by the secret keepers, and we are going to find another way.


Right from the beginning, the ET presence was linked with advanced technology. This made the possession, control or the hoarding of that technology a matter of survival in a war-prone world, and well-intentioned people were willing to have the cover-up installed. However what is so vitally important about UFO’s is not their technology but the ET presence which they represent.

From the very start we should have insisted on separating the issues of the ET visitation of this planet, and advanced technology. We might as well start doing it now. The fact that there are many different ETs visiting our world, that many are living amongst us, that they have bases in all kinds of places on and in the planet as well as elsewhere in the solar system, that this has always been going on and always will; has to completely change our ideas about life in the wider universe. As we get to know ETs better, we begin to see ourselves through a cosmic perspective, and we become different. A meeting of healthy cultures has always been a good thing for all concerned. Cultures are not, in general, perfect and for this very reason, the meeting of cultures needs to happen in a constructive environment where the helpful tendencies are given free reign and the unhelpful ones are restrained.

On the other hand, the meeting of cultures which takes place in the context of a cover-up is far more dangerous precisely because the dangerous tendencies of both parties are less restrained while the healthy ones are obstructed. This amounts to saying that in the context of a cover-up things will tend to evolve in all the wrong directions.


While a formal, open disclosure has not yet happened, it is time for us and the general public to decide that the essentials of such disclosure has by now happened, and we should be planning and taking the steps that follow disclosure. One of the things that needs to happen after disclosure is the evolution of public opinion on how we should be relating to the ET presence, how such interaction should be conducted, how non-sensitive information should be disseminated and studied and what roles our governments should and should not play.

As we look down the events of the past half century, we can see that thanks mainly to ETs and the UFO phenomenon, we have enough information and enough certainty to take the next necessary steps. As we do this we will acquire more information, more certainty as to their factuality, and be able to take yet more steps until UFOs and ETs are a matter of direct personal experience for as many of us as need or want it. THE TIME HAS COME FOR US TO ACT.


In recent years we have had much evidence that out above the Earth’s atmosphere UFOs are being shot at with what appear to be particle beam weapons. It also appears that the finger on the trigger of these weapons is human. The reason for this shooting we do not know. It might be to down the craft for retrieval; it might be to warn certain ETs off this planet; or it might be to prevent all ETs from coming and going freely so that they are forced to negotiate with this secret human group. All of this may be intended for our common good, or it may not.

The danger is that as the effectiveness and number of such weapons increases, our world will be increasingly cut off from the rest of the universe, the incidence of UFO sightings and contacts will decline, and the word will be that UFOs were a delusion of the past and never happened. Have you ever wondered that despite all the evidence to the contrary, the cover-up is still being maintained? Could there be a long term goal of forcing ET’s off the planet by the use of weapons? Can we afford to just sit back while the foundations might be being laid for a future “Berlin Wall” around our planet?


One of the things we should all do is get behind Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project. Never mind if the experience of the past makes you doubt that the authorities will budge. And never mind if you do not agree with everything Greer seems to be saying about ETs. I have some serious reservations about some of his statements. The point is that getting witnesses to disclose what they know, in order to make the public understand that they have been lied to by the people they trusted, and to make them realise that they need to perform major renovations in their “reality” parlour, IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR THE FUTURE WELFARE OF US ALL. We can all rally behind this cause. Hence:

ACTION 1. Support the Disclosure Project.

Ever since people first realised that UFO’s represented beings from elsewhere, the thought of meeting these visitors was a major theme of their thinking. It is one of the reasons why contactees always had such a ready hearing and following amongst the public. Such meetings have been happening all along on an individual basis. The strongest impulse behind the call for disclosure is that it would lead to some kind of public meeting with ETs. This, the authorities have refused to countenance. Is there some kind of law that says that the general public can not have such a meeting? We have to stop acting as though there was such a law.

ACTION 2. Work Towards Open Meetings with ETs.

One of the unfortunate things about UFO researchers is that they allow divisions to arise amongst themselves. Obviously we can not afford to suffer fools and troublemakers. They can do too much damage. We have to find effective ways of discovering and dealing with them. What we can not afford is to allow ANYTHING to divide us in our pursuit of agreed goals.

ACTION 3. We need to work together in pursuit of agreed goals.

Doing anything worthwhile requires courage, commitment and discernment, as there is ample disinformation, confusion and interference. Many otherwise sincere people resort to scepticism when they should be taking a stand; demand more “facts” when they should be making up their minds enough to do something. In the ordinary world there are few things which we can be certain about, yet we have to make decisions and take action. It is the same here. We have to just do the best we can, and choose our actions so that the results we get help us towards a better understanding of the things we need to know, and better future decisions.

ACTION 4. Use Actions to test and verify data, and keep taking Action.

If the cover-up proves anything it proves that the stakes are very high – the highest they can be. That matters relating to UFOs have the highest security rating known to us is a very telling detail. Of course we are interested in the subject because we want to know and understand these things, but there are also very urgent reasons for us to consider. The human race has again arrived at a very critical point in its evolution. One which it was at a number of times in prehistory, at which it then failed. This point is that of becoming a cosmic society.

A rocket lifting off it’s pad seems to hang there almost motionless burning up its fuel at an enormous rate. It must soon accelerate away or it will never make it to its destination at all. Our society is in a similar position to that rocket. We must move on and up. The secret keepers seem intent on just having us hang there like the rocket hovering above its pad. If we hang there too long without moving on, our civilisation will run out of that evolutionary impulse, and will collapse back upon itself. Our civilisation and our present opportunity will disappear into the prehistory of a primitive future society just like the others have done:

ACTION 5. Remind yourself and everyone else that this is the most important thing which you could be doing for our common future.

We have many prophets of doom warning about all kinds of things. We are destroying our ecosystem, heating up the planet, polluting our lands, ocean and atmosphere etc. We are also becoming delinquent. Individuals become dependent on drugs, live trivia filled lives and fail to take responsibility when and where they should. Through medical technology we are taking the reigns of our evolutionary development from nature, but have no clear idea of where we want to go. Some of our problems need us to change while others can be left behind by replacing present behaviour patterns with new and better ones. The one common thread in all these warnings is that our present lifestyle is unsustainable. Ultimately we must change the way we live and do things to something that can last, or we disappear.

ACTION 6. Do it Now.

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