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Belief versus Denial

At a recent talk at a local Probus club I sat and listened as our spokesperson Martin Gottschall spoke of UFO sightings and contacts. In the question and answer time one gentleman began his question with “I know you believe in UFOs but….” The rest of the question trailed off as I began to realize just how many times I have heard questions begin with this statement.

Belief is a word that is so commonly misused in the UFO arena and denial is a word that is not used enough. The dictionary description of denial is “ refusal of statement that thing is not true or existent”. Classic “denialists” are people who prefer to be called sceptics. Although scepticism is a healthy quality to exhibit in this field it can also suppress opportunities for growth if applied too heavily.

Belief and denial are strategies to live life by, just like the scientists reductionist world view. However we have to be careful with the models we create in order to understand the world. To believe is to take on faith, to deny is to refuse to awaken. Sometimes this can be helpful but most times this works against us. People who take anything on faith can become caught up in cults (Heaven’s Gate). People who deny live in the past and become out of step with the evolving consciousness of the planet. Their growth stagnates while they look on with disapproval. They become a fragmented part of humanity just like the faith followers whose reality also becomes dysfunctional. Both these types can live in a twisted reality, full of untruths.

So how do we resolve these two polarities to find balance? As the Buddha said, following the middle road is best. But this too is not always an easy task for how do we know where the middle is. In order to know the middle we have to know the extremes and vice versa. If we know the extremes then that is a good indicator that we are not a “prisoner” of either mental condition because we have to be mentally able to leave one to experience the other. Whew!! Is that complicated or what??

In fact it is deceptively simple but does require a certain amount of wisdom. No matter how vast oceans may seem there is a middle to them. No matter how widespread a storm may be it still has an eye. When we explore knowledge we need to be aware of the extremes that knowledge can take us to whilst maintaining a steady course of growth in understanding. If we upset this balance we can end up out on a limb with a one-eyed approach to our subject or cause.

I’m sure many of you want to understand the UFO phenomenon just like I, but I do want to know the truth not just have my wishes fulfilled. Just like I once read in a book – it’s okay to go flying but don’t forget to land.

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