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Avoiding the Pitfalls on the UFO Trail

Author : Sheryl Gottschall ©

Over the years I have listened to and read stories based on hearsay, gossip, scandals, fuzzy thinking, disinformation, illogic, clouded reasoning and out and out lies about the UFO phenomenon. Unfortunately I have to report that most of this was reported by the UFO community at large. There is a whole lot of garbage out there folks and because of a lack of discernment it keeps getting passed around. A halt to this perpetuation needs to be called for if we are ever going to shed some light on the mysterious subject of UFOs. It can prove to be quite a challenge to differentiate between truth and illusion.

I have had my fair share of this to deal with too and over time I have developed a system that seems to work, at least for me, in keeping me on track in this mine field that we constantly wade through. Here are a few suggestions that I hope prove helpful –

Don’t be frightened into believing something. If someone told you that the world was going to end tomorrow so you had better do “so and so” today then you would be far more easily manipulated into doing it through your fear of the imminent happening. Through your fears you can be made to pay attention to a lot of garbage. Be aware!

Don’t become someone else’s mouthpiece. Test and assess all information before integrating it otherwise may just be giving up one set of badly thought out information for another.

Does the information “ring” true to you. We use this phrase along with “strike a chord” in our daily vocabulary yet most of us don’t give it a second thought. It truth has a particular vibration that attracts us to other knowledge of a similar ilk. We are drawn to it and when we hear or read something that doesn’t have that same “ring” or vibration to it we recognize this and usually disregard it. Check if your bell went off.

Do your own research by backtracking information. When you hear a speaker or read a book, do they give the source of their material so you can do your own research? If not is this a hindrance and if so why didn’t they include it? When people quote biblical scriptures I usually go back and check the original and find they have (a) placed their own interpretation on it and (b) taken it completely out of context.

Develop your analytical abilities. Read background material such as the sciences or any other area that will give you the tools to pull something apart and put it back together again. For example, if you read a book claiming that the greenhouse effect was a hoax you may study some earth sciences material that may satisfactorily disprove the claims of the other book. This way you broaden your appreciation of information (or lack of it) by becoming self educated.

Let things prove themselves. If authors keep giving dates for events to occur and they don’t, how long are you going to keep taking notice of them. Wake up!

How does the information make you feel. When I read or hear something of great value my body recognizes it at an energetic level. It is empowering, expanding, and washes over and through me like a golden light. This is real soul food and is always the truth. En-lighten-ment. The Aha experience! Understand that there are two types of truth. Truth is like a great river with many tributaries. My life, one tributary, takes a different course to yours, another tributary, yet we both have the same source and hold the same content as the original source. What is my personal truth is not necessarily the same as your personal truth but our personal truths are part of a greater truth. My personal truth may be that UFOs are made from metallic substances and your personal truth may be that they are a form of bio-technology, made from biological substances and grown like plants. The greater truth is that “something” else exists in the universe besides us. Our personal truths serve us as individuals on our path but both truths are heading us towards the same realization. We need to create tolerance of other’s truths.

Use your intuition. If you feel little alarm bells going off in your gut, or anywhere else for that matter, then pay attention. Your intuition is your best friend. It always serves your best interests and whether it states politely or yells from the rooftops “warning, warning!!” you better listen.

Does this information/speaker disperse and divide me from others. Anyone who is intent on telling the truth and is acting with higher motivation will not want to set you against others. Turning a group of UFO people against scientists, the government or military will not serve any purpose except to create even more division. We need to break down the barriers so there is no longer an “us” versus “them” attitude. True they may have not served the public well in this field but who let them get away with it?

Are you seeking a form of escapism? People seek to escape reality because life is too harsh, too tough, too boring, too negative, too materialistic, too limiting. Escapism occupies our attention through illusion and leads nowhere. I have seen people strain with hopes and wishes for the earth to be obliterated because they fear and loathe humanity and what it “seems” to have become.

They want to be saved by aliens and whisked off whilst the aliens clean up the mess that humans have created. Guess what? It ain’t gonna happen! Ask yourself “do I seek the company of aliens because I hate humans so much?” This loathing of the human condition is created from a sense of feeling alienated from the world around us. Is violence (earth in upheaval) really the only tool for transformation left for us on this planet. Far from it. You need to go on a diet from negativity for awhile. Stop reading the papers and watching the news!!!

Are you attached to the glamour of being an “insider”. How many people have I seen do this. People think that because they know “something” that others don’t that they are smarter, brighter, more intelligent, and in the know than anyone else. There is a certain glamour in the UFO community that attracts others who are looking for some glamour in their own lives. To an outsider it can seem exciting, mysterious, adventurous and even courageous. However if the truth be known, it might be about 5% like that and the rest is damn hard work.

Do I have an agenda? Is someone giving me just what suits my own private agenda – making me “special”, allowing me “off the hook”, giving me an “out”, serving my “prejudices”. If so it is not likely to be the truth.

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