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Anne Andrews

September 2002

Reviewer: Sheryl Gottschall

On the 21st September, 2002 Ann Andrews, author of Abducted, spoke in Brisbane at an evening that was hosted by the Australian UFO Researchers Network. Ann told the story of her youngest son’s experiences with ETs that began from birth and still continue until the present day. Her son, Jason, who is now 19, suffered from much isolation mostly caused by his parent’s refusal to accept that he was being abducted by aliens. Ann now feels much guilt because of this, and this is the reason, she says, why she wrote the book, as well as endeavouring to help other parents who are struggling with their children’s experiences. For 12 years Ann refused to believe in alien abductions or the paranormal. She told Jason his experiences were merely dreams and nightmares.

Jason’s story began when he was born. He was a healthy baby, although during the birth he had some complications that stopped his heartbeat temporarily. When Jason was a few weeks old and he would cry, his parents would enter his room only to find he was lying on the floor behind the door or under his cot. His parents thought his 3 ½ year old brother Daniel was the culprit and he was dong this out of jealousy for his newly arrived baby brother. Ann and her husband sought advice from their doctor who told them to leave things alone and Daniel would get bored. So they did and Jason ceased to be moved. This convinced them even more that Daniel was the one shuffling Jason around.

At the same time Daniel started speaking of a “soldier man” called “Junus” ho would visit him from the stars at night. Ann and her husband found Daniel to be very knowledgeable about the stars and other things that a 3 ½ year old would not normally be aware of. On Jason’s 4th birthday Jason started to have strange dreams. He would tell his mother that little people would take him to a hospital and Jason wanted to know why his parents would let them. At this stage his parents still thought he was having nightmares.

At one stage Ann and her family lived in a farmhouse in England. One night Ann’s room filled with bright light and Ann heard screams coming from Jason’s room. Ann raced into his room to find Jason yelling, “they are coming, don’t let them take me.” Ann placated Jason and thought the bright light was strange, but eventually thought it must have been a helicopter.

Along with these night time encounters Ann and her family also had to deal with strange poltergeist activity. Again, while Jason was still 4 years old a strange incident occurred at 10pm on a humid July night. There was a knock at the door. Ann opened the door and found nobody to be there. She looked up and down the country laneway but couldn’t see anyone. she shut the door and returned to what she was doing. There was another knock at the door but this time when Ann went to go to the door there was a flash of light. At the same time Jason sat bolt upright in bed in a trance-like state and began speaking numbers. The banging started again all over the house. By this time Ann decided to ring the police but found the phone wasn’t working.

Jason went to walk out the door and announced to his parents, “I have to go, they’re waiting for me.” Jason’s father Paul, grabbed Jason and shook him to bring him back to normal consciousness. As Jason woke up the knocking stopped. Eventually Ann rang the police and they did come out to their property to investigate but couldn’t find anything unusual. The only thing which remained unanswered was the fact that there was a lot of rain at the time and whoever was doing the knocking should have left footprints in the moist soil. Despite everything that had happened, Ann and her husband once again convinced themselves that what had happened was explainable.

Until now Ann and her husband had been successful at raising calves on their farm but one day Paul came in to the house and told Ann that one of the calves had mysteriously died. The next day he found 2 more had died and the day after 14 died. By this time Paul requested a report and analysis be done to unearth the strange deaths. However, over the next week all of the remaining calves died. Paul and Ann were told the sheep had a rare form of salmonella and they were told to burn the carcasses and the farm was quarantined. They received a further call from someone from the Ministry of Defence who told them to stop burning the carcasses and just to keep them and someone would collect them. Soon after, a white van pulled up and men dressed in quarantine suits began scanning their property with what seemed like metal detectors. They were asked to hand over their cattle records. One man sent a message on his radio and soon after another van turned up. The men from this van wrapped each carcass in plastic and loaded them into the van to take them away.

A few weeks later Paul phoned the Ministry to see if they had found anything further, only to be told that no personnel from that office told them to keep the carcasses. A couple of days later council officials told Ann and Paul they could no longer live on their property as they had no calves (due to some strange English by-law) and would have to move to public housing in the local town. This was only a temporary measure and they were assured they would be able to move back as soon as they restocked. It has now been 9 years and they are still applying to move back to their property. (Since this time the farmhouse has been sold, the buildings have been burnt down, the fences gone and the trees have disappeared. Ann said people who read her book have gone to the site and reported to her that within 15 minutes of them arriving a white land rover arrives and people tell them to leave. Ann and Paul have done some investigating of their own since the initial deaths of their calves with the office of ADAS who have reported there is no record of the disease outbreak with their stock. Ann and Paul’s property was adjacent to a Ministry of Defence property and it when all the pieces of this puzzle are put together it’s possible that some sort of experiment conducted there went terribly wrong and this was followed by a cover-up)

Meanwhile Jason seemed to settle down and live a normal enough life but around the age of 12 the “nightmares” began again. Little people would come to get him and he could hear himself scream but no sound would come out. Jason was now always tired and he was displaying bad behaviour in school. His teachers couldn’t understand the changes in him and the Principal refused to have Jason at the school any longer unless he began to see a child psychologist. The psychologist sent Jason to hospital for a sleep test and to check his brain wave patterns. The results of these were that he was perfectly normal. Through all this Jason still insisted that he was being taken at night.

At one stage Jason by chance saw a program about hypnosis on the TV. The gentleman in the program was having hypnosis to remember close encounter experiences that he was having. This greatly disturbed Jason who wildly exclaimed to his parents, “that man is so stupid, he shouldn’t want to remember everything. I remember everything!” Both Paul and Ann looked at each other dumbfounded as Jason stormed out of the room. Their other son Daniel looked at them and asked “don’t you get it yet?” Daniel, who was now 16, told his parents that his childhood Junus was real and Junus had stopped coming to him because he had made a mistake. It was actually Jason they wanted.

By this time Ann and Paul began to begrudgingly accept that something really was gong on with their son. Jason told his parents what had been happening to him all through the years. Both Ann and Paul found it hard to believe but they began to buy UFO books and eventually got in touch with Tony Dodd, the well known English UFO researcher. The psychologist too, eventually came to the conclusion that Jason was telling the truth.

Not long after Ann decided to take both Jason and Daniel away on a holiday camp. Sometime on the holiday Ann heard Jason screaming and she rushed to him. Hs was terrified but managed to say to Ann, “they are making me feel what they feel and see what they see. Just don’t touch me”. After half an hour Jason was fine and he told his mother that he was learning to handle his experiences and he was going to be okay.

Life went on and Jason was taken on as a pupil by a horse riding trainer. One day Ann received a call from the stables to get there quickly. Ann was told that Jason had been in the middle of 2 horses attacking each other, they were on the ground and Jason had been underneath them. Ann raced over to the stables expecting to see an ambulance but she was told that Jason had remarkably escaped the situation, just got up and dusted himself off without being hurt. Everyone present was amazed that Jason was still alive let alone able to stand up and walk around. When asked what happened Jason replied that the other horse could sense that ‘they’ were with him and the horse just got scared. Jason claims the beings are with him and he allows them to experience things through his feelings. During the horse incident they absorbed his pain. Ann was convinced of the serious situation her son had been in when she saw the large hole in the fence made by the horses. Jason also had hoof prints on his back and all down one side of his body turned black and blue.

After this event Jason had his first out of body experience where he saw himself in his bed. He said that he thought he wanted to be with his parents and the next thing he knew he was in the lounge room. One of the family dog’s reacted badly to his appearance and he thought it would bite him but the next thing he knew he was back in his room waking up. He has since become adept at OBE’s and can now do this at will.

Ann said that sometimes after an abduction experience Jason is full of energy, so much so that once he touched her and left a burn on her arm. When Jason is angry he will often blow light bulbs and Ann always buys spare light bulbs in bulk. Jason has also melted 2 mobile phones while in his possession. Ann commented that she can’t plug in any electrical appliances around Jason as they will blow out, but she did say he comes in handy when the car battery has gone flat. Being a typical teenager, Jason has turned this situation to his advantage and has been found charging 20p to give his school mates an electric shock. (what an entrepreneur)

Jason has been told by his ET contacts that he is an original soul and this is his first existence on this planet. When he was born his body actually died and Jason stepped in making him a walk-in. He also says the aliens have awakened him to the idea of being an ET himself and Jason considers himself a starchild. Jason has stated that these ETs are here to help and guide us on the right path and human s have annihilated themselves many times before. When Ann asked why the ETs don’t just take us over and get us on track Jason said if they did this they would also take away all the good things about being human, like curiosity. Jason states if we keep denying our spiritual aspects we will end up in trouble.

Sometimes Jason reports to his parents that people will remotely view Jason and he can do this too. Ann has received 6 letters from people who claim that Jason was there helping them when they were in trouble. Jason has corroborated this. Ann also states that the atmosphere in Jason’s room is like a veil which is heavy and choking. Jason states this is an aura of protection.

Ann describes her story as “going from confusion to begrudging acceptance” and it’s not over yet. These experiences with her family continue and it appears that Ann herself may have had close encounters too. We will have to stay tuned. Anyone wanting to read her book can usually pick it up in Australia for about $4.95 at the publishers ends sales in their local shopping centres.

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