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Alien Hiccups

UFO researchers have thought logically, that if you show people photographs of UFOs, video footage, presented first hand accounts of UFO experiences, etc., that people would have to believe that UFOs exist and everything would fall into place. Yet we know this isn’t the case. People continue to deny the existence of UFOs when the evidence is staring them point blank in the face. Why? Because they aren’t ready to deal with a new reality that doesn’t just include aliens but busts open their whole understanding of the universe. Their safety net gets chopped and they do a freefall into nothingness. In fact they can go through a “living death”, where everything they previously thought was true and anchored their reality, is suddenly shattered.

In all fairness, who can blame people for denying other realities. A descent into nothingness where your world falls apart is never easy and most of us don’t do it voluntarily. We are usually dragged kicking and screaming into a new way of being and carry the burden of it every minute we endure it, longing desperately to make it through our own birthing process into this new way.

The human mind over the last few centuries has undergone a “narrowing” which has left us unwilling to welcome impossibilities into our life. The human bent for seeing things has evolved into tunnel vision, especially if what’s outside that tunnel vision threatens our response to it. So how did this happen? Perhaps some thoughts from Professor Michael Zimmerman may help us understand.

“In the medieval European world view it was acknowledged that God was at the top of what is termed as the Great Chain of Being. Below Him was the immaterial realm where angels, spirits and demons were part of the fabric of reality. Below this was the material realm where men, women, animals, plants, rocks and chaos existed. (chaos being the undifferentiated stuff out of which everything is made)

The years 670 to 1800 saw the birth of the Enlightenment world view where God is still in existence but now only acts an an activator not an overseer. There are no miracles and the universe is a great clockwork of interrelated parts. There is no longer an immaterial realm and everything that now exists below God exists in the material world only. All we’re left with is physical reality. However, in this period there was considerable interest in the possibility of ETs. Remember that the telescope had just been invented, and that led to a lot of speculation. So with angels banished, ETs are postulated to occupy vacated positions in the Great Chain of Being….The Enlightenment began a profound process of ‘disenchanting the cosmos’. (1)

Now today we have the 20th century worldview. ….In the modern view all that is left is physical reality. You don’t even have a nod to God at the top… There is no supreme being – except us… Modern man conceives of himself as the potential master of all nature and as top of the cosmic heap…..We are the source of all meaning, purpose and value.” (2)

Poised, as many believe we are, is our civilization on the brink of tottering over the edge of our own creation. Humanity has evolved a world view, which as you can see, if left to brew untouched will evolve us right out of the picture. It has only taken 330 years for the evolution process to ease God out of our reality and there are many who now feel that mankind’s welfare is also being insidiously eased out thus resulting in an extinction of our own making. Where does it end?

Is it any wonder we are having a hard time waking people up to the concept of extra-terrestrial life when we can’t even convince ourselves of the nature of our own existence and what is necessary for that to continue? If we are raised in a social structure that limits what we will accept into our reality, it will not be too long before something happens which does not fit into that reality causing one almighty hiccup in the system, and this seems to be what is going on today. UFOs are one great hiccup in the 21st century world view and with anything that is undigestible it’s going to have a few obstacles to overcome before it’s actually processed.

(1) “Frontiers of the Soul: Exploring Psychic Evolution” by Michael Grosso, Quest Books 1992. This book describes the wonderful interest people had in the 1600 – 1800s in ET life.

(2) “How Science and Society Respond to Extraordinary Patterns” by Michael Zimmerman web site http:\\www.peer.org

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