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23 March, 2018 Meeting – Out Of This World with Pane Andov

Pane Andov meeting flyer

Out Of This World with Pane Andov
The human effort to answer the fundamental questions of existence: Who are we, where did we come from, what are we doing here and equally important, where are we going? What is this place we call Universe? Are we alone in the Universe?

Considering how old and how big the Universe is, there is a high probability that the human species is only one of trillions out there. Furthermore, most of the species are probably so evolved that they have surpassed the limitations of the physical dimension and use technological advances that enable them to easily move between dimensions.

Today, thanks to NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory and other man-made spacecraft launched in space, with the capacity to scan wavelengths that are invisible to the human eye, the extra-terrestrial presence in “our” solar system has been confirmed. UFOs of various sizes have been detected all over the solar system, especially in the Saturn system, Jupiter and around the Sun. The analysis of the behaviour and movement of the mentioned extra-terrestrial flying vehicles in “our” solar system, have shown that they have the capacity not just to cross the vast distances of space, but also to literally move their space vehicles through dimensions.
Consequently, we are rarely able to see their spaceships, simply because they are cruising through the invisible Universe, so they are out of the visible light range.

For this reason, special telescopes were built by the so called “Shadow Government” through their “scientist” workers, so we can learn about the Sun’s composition, activity, and keep a closer and more accurate eye on UFO activities such as shooting laser beams into the solar surface, opening Sun-Gates and moving in or out of the Sun. The appearance of these Sun-Gates or Stargates (whatever terminology we use), is solid proof that the extra-terrestrials surpass our technological knowledge and understanding of how the Universe functions and how it is interconnected.

It is Pane’s conclusion that the observed beams of light are actually types of controlled plasma beams with embedded sound frequencies (like in Cymatics) that can influence the solar surface plasma to geometrically open up a dimensional portal. In other words, Type II and occasionally Type III alien civilizations are utilizing “our” star as part of a vast cosmic transportation system.
Andov’s astral observations and conclusions have been backed up by NASA’s SDO evidence which shows that these civilizations have the capacity and technical knowledge to travel through high distances in space via vast network of wormholes that exist inside the stars. In other words, like a gigantic Metro system, the advanced aliens use a wormhole traveling system linked between the stars in different regions of space. This level of advancement of the alien civilizations capable of doing this is still beyond human comprehension.

For at least six decades, the Shadow Government has been dealing with the matters connected to the UFO/Alien question. Due to a deliberate cover up of sensitive UFO information, the general public still remains in the belief that NASA is looking for the first signs of intelligent life in the distant corners of space, while in reality nothing can be further than the truth.

This important UFO/Alien information is still kept “classified” by the Secret Societies within the Shadow Government, continuously manipulating and misguiding the human race for decades in the form of political, religious and social conflicts. Busy resolving the artificially created problems and dealing with economic slavery in the social system, the general public has been kept in a high level of ignorance about the true reality of which we are a part. In other words, the general population has no access to the sensitive information that is related to the UFO/Alien question.

The ability of the general public to grow and expand its knowledge about what is happening inside “our” solar system is of tremendous importance. One of the alternative ways that humans can utilize to see into the immaterial part of the Universe is through controlled out of body experiences, also known as astral projection. Understanding the Big Picture and our responsibilities to assist in the process of Great Awakening.
Other Presentation Highlights:
• Explanation about astral travel and its potential.
• Short overview about human subtle (immaterial) bodies and how they are connected with the immaterial dimensions.
• Connection between the human consciousness and the immaterial bodies.
• Andov’s personal contact with ET intelligence, both physical and via out of body experiences.
• The hidden nature of the Astral Plane, the extraterrestrial presence inside the Astral Plane and some of their agendas.
• Overview of detected gigantic cylindrical UFOs around Saturn system and the reason why they are present there.
• Human interaction with various ET species.
• The reasons behind alien abductions, how alien implants function, alien-human hybridization etc.
• The connection of the genuine crop circle phenomena and the non-thermal plasma.
• The reason why certain ET groups are remotely sending non-thermal plasmas to create crop formations with unusual properties.
• The military involvement in the genuine crop circle phenomena.
• Serious indications that the Astral Plane of planet Earth has been hacked by highly sophisticated alien software that prevents full awareness of human consciousness on that plane of existence and the reasons for such action.
• What are orbs and their connection with some UFOs.
• The clear interaction between intelligently programmed orbs and humans. What type of orbs can reprogram an alien implant, download or upload data and for what reasons.
• Human race is evolving. Some of the children born recently are different in many ways. The high number of highly evolved souls coming to Earth and incarnating in biological bodies to assist in the process of Great Awakening.
• Their vision is not humanity to focus escaping Earth, but to make the planet a glorious Paradise that it once was. The Awakening Process has already begun…

Join us for an unforgettable evening with Pane “AstralWalker” Andov – an astral traveler, author, public speaker and instructor of Psionic Arts.
For more info about Pane’s work please check: http://puretranquilitypublishing.com/about-the-author/

The two new books recently released by the author, will also be available at this event: “The Awakening – Life Force Energy” and “The Awakening – Key To Extraterrestrial Messages”.

Venue: Venue: Kenmore Library, Kenmore Village Shopping Centre, 9 Brookfield Road, Kenmore, Brisbane.
Access to the library is via the lift from the undercover car park directly below the library.

Entry: UFORQ Members: $15
Non-Members $20. (Eftpos available)
Tickets at the door. (includes supper)
Enquiries: 07 3376 1780 / 0431 856 556 or info@uforq.asn.au

*Information and opinions presented at these meetings do not necessarily reflect the views of UFO Research Queensland Inc and are presented for research purposes only.


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