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30 June, 2017 Meeting: CONTACT DOWN UNDER

Moira McGhee FB

Contact Down Under
with Moira McGhee (NSW)
Australia and New Zealand are no different to other parts of the world when it comes to UFO reports. Something is going on in our skies and has been for many years. Moira McGhee’s three books, The Gosford Files (co-authored with Bryan Dickeson), UFO Contact Downunder: : A Century of UFO Sightings in Australasia and the Western Pacific, and recently published Alien Gene, are brimming over with samples of these UFO reports from our own backyard.

In Moira’s second book she states that, “The definition of UFOs, their nature and composition is elusive, and their paradoxical behaviour makes it impossible to determine their origin. Some reports seem to indicate an unknown energy form while some witnesses describe an opening of consciousness, and various perceptions of interaction with an alien intelligence or universal energy. As our own technology advances beyond our wildest imagination, so it becomes more difficult for researchers to definitively state exactly who or what was responsible. While many conservative “experts” ignore or scoff at contactees and abductees reports of interaction with other intelligences, this phenomenon is now so prevalent, the human race ignores it at its peril. ”

Moira’s presentation will re-examine some of the classic UFO cases, adding extra details she has carefully collected over the years, as well as present cases that have never before been made public.

About Moira McGhee

Moira McGhee has always looked at the stars and wondered who and what is out there. As a result Moira has became one of Australia’s enduring UFO researchers who over the decades has collected many UFO reports which she has published in her three books The Gosford Files (co-authored with Bryan Dickeson), Contact Downunder: A Century of UFO Sightings in Australasia and the Western Pacific, and Alien Gene. Her books are a collection of must read UFO incidents witnessed by thousands of people that in some instances have terrified the population.

Moira is active in the area of human rights and animal welfare and is co-founder and Senior Vice President of Hearts for Animals. A Justice of the Peace – while studying law and counter disaster management she gained the National Medal and Clasp, a Ministerial Commendation and other recognition. Moira has always maintained her interest in science and astronomy while being associated with BUFORA, UFORA, and ACUFOS (Australian Centre for UFO Studies)   Moira is also the founder and co-ordinator for INUFOR and is a MUFON Field Investigator, acting as MUFON NSW State Director for 18 years. She is also co-founder and life member of UFOR (NSW Sydney). Moira has written ‘Contact Down Under’ and co-authored ‘The Gosford Files, and recently published her third book, Alien Gene. She has also published 25 INUFOR Digests and written many articles, and co-hosted a radio program on industrial safety and disaster management. Moira lives in Australia, in the Blue Mountains to the west of Sydney.

*Moira’s 3 books will be available for purchase at the meeting.  

Gosford Files $30, Contact DownUnder $40, Alien Gene $35. Eftpos available.  

Venue: Kenmore Library, Kenmore Village Shopping Centre, 9 Brookfield Road, Kenmore, Brisbane. Access to the library is via the lift from the undercover car park directly below the library.

Entry: UFORQ Members: $15    Non-Members $20.   Tickets at the door. (includes supper)

Enquiries: 07 3376 1780 or info@uforq.asn.au

*Information and opinions presented at these meetings do not necessarily reflect the views of UFO Research Queensland Inc and are presented for research purposes only.



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