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27 April, 2018 Meeting – The Julsrud Figurines & The Woman Who Loved An Alien – Elizabeth Klarer

Julsrud image

1. The Julsrud Figurines

with Lee Paqui

In 1945, Waldemar Julsrud discovered the first of what grew to be a collection of over 33,000 inexplicable clay figures and carvings buried in the vicinity of Acambaro, Mexico. The ‘Julsrud Collection’ as the Acambaro figurines became known, are out-of-place artefacts, and as such have been actively discredited by archaeological and paleontological researchers for the last sixty years.  The simple fact is that the figurines cannot be taken seriously by mainstream archaeology and palaeontology as they throw into contention all our current understandings about our planet and our place in it, because the Julsrud figurines depict both man and dinosaur in a staggering interaction of two species that we are taught to believe did not and could never have co-existed.

Lee’s contention is that the Julsrud figurines are not only proof that man walked the Earth with the dinosaurs, but that something even more intriguing is hidden in their mystery. Is it possible that the Julsrud figurines hint at an extraterrestrial intervention in the pre-history of Planet Earth?


Elizabeth Klarer 2

2.    The Woman Who Loved An Alien – Elizabeth Klarer  with  Sheryl Gottschall

The fascinating story of contactee Elizabeth Klarer has almost disappeared into the annals of UFO history. It was during the 1950s that she saw a spaceship and met and fell in love with a spaceman with whom she had a human-alien hybrid child. When she went public with her claims in 1978 she was met with derision by the UFO community which she endured until her dying day. However, if we re-examine her story with a 21st century perspective, we may find that she was telling the truth after all.

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