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The Former Politician Who Claimed A UFO Killed His Son

Source: People Magazine. Date unknown.

Lost in the annals of UFO history is the report of Graham Hartwig who was found dead near a circle of grass in 1971 on his family’s property at Tellebang, west of Bundaberg in Queensland.

Grahams father, Lindsay Hartwig, was a former National Party politician, farmer and grazier by occupation and believed a UFO landing may have been connected with his 19 year old sons death.  Graham vanished while helping an employee build fences about 2 km from the homestead but was later found near a circle of dead grass, 6 metres in diameter. His body was later discovered and found to have strange markings on his face that for some odd reason the attending doctor refused to let his father see. Another unusual aspect of Grahams death is that he was buried without a death certificate.

Graham wasn’t the only person to go missing. A neighbour who was chasing a wild pig into the scrub also vanished and his body was also found near the circle. As a result of the deaths the police camped on the property for three weeks questioning and probing with no result.

Eventually in 1974, the Hartwig family moved to another property. One day when driving his Land Rover along a dirt track, Lindsay observed “two beautiful objects about five or six metres in diameter. They were pale green like perfectly oval gemstones, spinning and sparkling in the sun. Lindsay stated that they “hovered there, above the road for about ten minutes while I stood dumbstruck. Then they moved slowly away until they vanished beyond the mountain range….it made me think back to the ring of grass at Tellebang and my son found beside it.”

Lindsay Hartwig died in 1996, buried in Toowoomba’s Garden of Remembrance cemetery. The mysterious circumstances surrounding his son’s death were never discovered and his death remains a mystery.

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