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The following are links to other UFO organisations, researchers and related information on the Web. By providing these links UFO Research Queensland is not endorsing the content of these websites, merely providing a selection of resources for those interested in UFOs and related phenomena.

As with all things in life, it is up to the researcher to consider the information, and then make an informed decision about what may or may not be reality…

Australian Sites

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ACUFOS – Australian Centre for UFO Studies
Engages in the study of all aspects of the UFO phenomenon. Complete listing of Australian and New Zealand UFO groups

SPHERES – The Spirit Guide
Australia’s favourite magazine, Spheres presents an information from highly respected sources alongside the true experiences of readers.

Victorian UFO Research Society
Provides sightings, news, history and links

UFO Research New South Wales
Sightings, news, investigations

TUFOIC – Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre
Sightings, statistics, publications, articles

UFORUM Western Australia
The home of the Australasian Society for Psychical Research including UFO Sightings

Mysterious Australia
Rex and Heather Gilroy’s page devoted to the forgotten history of Australia

Awareness Quest
The mysteries of the Gympie region…

Nexus Magazine
UFOs, alternative medicine, conspiracies, free energy

Australian Cosmic Connection
South Australian Group dedicated to all things cosmic…

Antigravity – the movie
Australian-made film on Bruce Cathie’s groundbreaking theories of harmonics – also provides a chat site at UFOchat

Brisbane Astronomical Society
Night sky, observations, astrophotography, conferences


International Sites

Disclosure Project
Dr Stephen Greer’s groundbreaking push for total disclosure of the UFO reality

Starchild Project
Did ET visit Earth.. and maybe leave a little something behind?

The Mutual UFO Network
Introduction to Ufology, reporting hotline, field investigations, reports, symposiums etc

British UFO Research Association
News, research, links

The Crop Circle Website
What it says

UFO Folklore Centre
Articles and links on practically everything

UFO Links
Extensive UFO links A – Z

Bruce Cathie
New Zealand pioneer of energy grid research and harmonic theory

Budd Hopkins Intruders Foundation
Abductions, reports, publications

Whitley Streiber’s Unknown Country
Articles, sightings, abductions

J. Allen Hyneck Centre for UFO Studies
Articles, reports, history, databases, links

Lloyd Pye
Ever think there was more to this planet than meets the eye?

Stanton Friedman
Biography, UFO reports, articles, video’s, books

Philip Mantle
Researcher, author, alien autopsies a specialty

Zechariah Sitchin
Ancient astronauts, human development, alternate history

UFO Roundup
Articles, worldwide UFO reports

UFOs and Extraterrestrials
Large collection of unusual (and unexpected) articles on UFOs and related topics.
Scroll to the bottom for an extensive links section

UFOs, conspiracies, crop circles, you name it. Extensive annotated links page – for the discerning dial-up

UFOs in Belgie
It’s in Belgian, but you get the gist. Enormous links archive of all things unexplained, UFOs included

UFOCUS New Zealand
NZ sighting reports, investigations

ET Contact
Good photos, good research, good links

Israeli UFO Research
UFOs in Israel, crop circles, news reports, cattle mutilations, articles

Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)
SETI Institute research, reports, images – the ‘official’ search for ET…

Weird World
Space news, technology, group and event listing

World Mysteries
Science, strange artefacts, ancient mysteries

Alien and UFO-related links. Kind words about UFORQ (gets you everywhere…)

World of the mysterious and unexplained

Universe Today
Space news, archives, newsletter – great UFO links section


Keyhole Publishing – Richard Dolan
UFO essays, articles, links

Ufology and underground technology

UFO DATA Magazine
News, reviews, articles and archives, plus a hardcopy magazine available by subscription

Total UFO Picture Page
UFO images

Graham Hancock
Prolific researcher of lost civilisations

Site dedicated to those mysterious denizens of the deep… the USO (unidentified submersible objects)

The Book of THoTH
Great collection of articles on the esoteric, including UFOs

Italian Saucer Landings
Italian site – the author also has a book on Italian UFO sightings published in English

Mysteries Magazine
Keep up to date with the latest UFO conferences. Oh, and lots of other stuff

Prophecy Keepers
The only Native American Indian prophecy site on the web that is operated by Native Americans