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UFO Research Queensland Incorporated is a voluntary, non-profit association established in 1956 to receive, research and record sightings. We are situated in the city of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

UFO Research Queensland's official policy is that there now exists, and has for many years, a large body of well attested sightings which are so unambiguous that the only reasonable inference is that extraterrestrial vehicles are flying through our atmosphere, landing on the ground, and entering our oceans.

We also believe that some accounts of face to face meetings with the occupants of these vehicles are true and honest and provide an important body of further documented information.

As the number of witnesses coming forward who have had sightings and close encounters with UFOs increases across the world, governments can no longer keep UFOs an "X-File" from society. We welcome and invite all who are interested in the UFO phenomenon and desire to face the unknown by gaining further knowledge.

We also support a group for individuals whose UFO related experiences have left them distraught, confused, and searching for answers

Our organisation maintains records of our research and exchanges information with other such groups within Australia and overseas. We hold that the proper handling of the UFO phenomenon is vital to our future well-being, and we strive to help our society to achieve this.

Your support and involvement is vital.


Below is a list of Committee positions and the people that currently occupy them. Committee positions are open to all members of UFO Research Queensland Inc, you just have to let us know you wish to contribute.


President: Sheryl Gottschall
Vice-President: Tino Pezzimenti
Secretary: Alan Reading
Treasurer: Michael West
Public Relations: Sheryl Gottschall, Tino Pezzimenti, Gemma Regan
Membership: Tino Pezzimenti
Sightings: Sheryl Gottschall
Librarian: Alan Reading
Editor: Gemma Regan
Webmaster: Nate Odger

Committee Members:
Roy Kalecinski
Gale King
Jan Slottje


Sheryl Gottschall


President Sheryl Gottschall

Sheryl has always had an interest in things out of the ordinary and from the mid 1970s she started exploring the field of near death experiences which deepened over the next decade. Then in 1988, she became a member of UFO Research Queensland and immediately joined the committee. Three years later she was elected President and held that position for 5 years before stepping down due to ill health. She was re-elected as President in 2004 and continues to hold that position today.
Sheryl was introduced to the UFO subject in 1980 by her father-in-law who had seen contactee George Adamski speak at Brisbane City Hall in the 1960s. But Sheryl was already predisposed to the idea of other life in the universe as a child when she would watch the stars at night and wonder if life existed elsewhere in the universe. The first UFO book she read was Inside the Spaceships by George Adamski which led her to devour as many books about the 1950s & 1960s contactees as she could. However, like many researchers in the 1990s she couldn’t help but give attention to the abduction phenomenon and attended an event where abduction researcher, Budd Hopkins, spoke for the first time in Brisbane. After his visit many people contacted UFORQ who were struggling with close encounters so she established the first UFORQ close encounter support group, facilitating another two groups since then. Many of the people Sheryl spoke to had sought hypnosis for their missing time experiences but Sheryl was dissatisfied with the hypnosis techniques used to recall their memories. She wanted to understand hypnosis more deeply so she enrolled in a 2 year course which she completed in 2000 and has worked as a professional clinical hypnotherapist ever since.
Sheryl is also the public relations officer for UFORQ and has partaken in many media interviews, written for a wide range of UFO and new age magazines, and has given countless presentations to community groups such as Rotary, Lions, Probus, VIEW, Australian Seniors, Senior Citizens groups, library groups, schools and private groups. She has also given innumerable presentations on the UFO subject at public meetings, conferences and seminars.
Sheryl has had a near death experience, UFO sightings and a close encounter among many other paranormal experiences. In 2012 she established the Afterlife Discussions group which explores death & dying experiences and the afterlife. She now studies shamanism and feels it is subjects like this that will give us more clues about the UFO phenomenon. Sheryl is also a Reiki teacher, colour therapist, and teaches classes in mindfulness meditation, art therapy and shamanic journeying among others. Her website is www.bodylight.com.au

Gale King

Gale King

Committee Member

About Gale King

I joined UFORQ Inc on the 22 /9 /1991 and shortly after joined the committee . I assumed the role of Membership officer shortly after . I continued this role for many years but owing to illness I gave the role to the then journal editor Lee Earle . Over the remaining years I have served on many committees that organised conferences and one day seminars a role which I enjoyed a lot. I had the pleasure of attending the 1997 UFO Conference in Brisbane to mark the 50 years of the sighting of UFO craft by Kenneth Arnold over Mt Ranier which started the modern era of Ufology. The highlight of my
times at UFORQ Inc. was attending the UFO World Congress held at Laughlin Nevada in the U.S.A for a week long daily sessions where I was able to talk to many of the presenters who were there an experience I will never for get. Among the attendees was Al Bielek one of the one of the only living survivors from The Philadelphia Experiment who I previously spoken to at the 1997 conference here in Brisbane . He was a very interesting person to know and I am glad to have met him once again. I was introduced to him by one of our late members Chris Ralph who was looking after him during his stay
in Brisbane I was grateful to Chris for the introduction. I have carried some investigations over the years with UFORQ INC and attended UFO Investigator Courses over the years . My interest in Ufology started when I was very young when I used to spend many hours with my Grandfather who would tell about the Mother Shipton proficies and about Flash Gordon and his adventures in space. I even had a plastic model of his ship. Over the years during my teens I collected comics on space travel and listened to serials on the radio about space and alien races. As we move on, the UFO subject still has many challenges for us as investigators as new evidence comes to light . We are not alone but despite all of the years I have never seen a UFO myself but have spoken to many people who have claimed to have seen one. The years I have spent with UFORQ INC have been very rewarding to me and my quest for the truth that aliens do indeed exist we are not alone.
Gale King

 Barry Taylor Committee Member

Barry Taylor

Committee Member

Barry Taylor

Barry witnessed his first UFO at age 11 but it was not until a close encounter in 1970 that he became actively involved in UFO research. From 1996 to 1999, while living in Grafton NSW, Barry witnessed numerous “waves” and “flaps” during both day and night observations, many of which he captured on film.

In 1997, during a period of high UFO activity, his interest developed into full research and video analysis. Over time, Barry observed many different types of UFOs and developed proven techniques to see them, resulting in some very close encounters.

Barry has been a guest speaker at several UFO conferences and seminars with UFOR NSW and presented his experiences to a wide audience there. A lifetime of UFO experiences has been published in his book, UFO DOWN-UNDER - How to see UFOs and photograph them.
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Gemma Regan Editor, Public Relations

Gemma Regan

Editor, Public Relations

Dr Gemma Regan

Ph.D Biological Anthropology, B.Sc. Biological Sciences, Grad Dip. Edu: Science

I pride myself in having an open mind and use my scientific background and multiple personal experiences to investigate unusual phenomena. I am a regular contributor to international journals and magazines and was even named Australia's Most Haunted Woman in New Idea (10 Nov, 2014)

4ZZZ Radio Host as Nyx Fullmoon and program creator of the show "The Witching Hour" exploring the occult and supernatural
Listen on demand http://ondemand.4zzzfm.org.au/the-witching-hour/

Editor Journal UFO Encounters and Investigator for UFO Research Queensland (UFORQ) www.uforq.asn.au

Investigations Manager: Paranormal Scientific Investigations,


EMAIL: info@uforq.asn.au

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