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Public Meeting – Friday – 30 September, 2016


The Australian Aboriginal Perspective of the UFO Phenomenon

with guest speaker Sri Devi Mulara


Indigenous Australians have a long association with ET Beings. We know that we come from the Stars,

from that place that gives us the timing when initiation and ceremony is to be done.

Our Seven Sisters Dreaming is the story of the Plaeides and from where we were given our Lore.

But wait, there is more…..

In this presentation Aunty Mulara will consider indigenous perspectives on the UFO phenomenon,

which are not such a mystery to her people. She has seen the Min Min lights and will share some of the

Dreamtime stories and legends that she has permission to share and perhaps answer some

curious questions about the Wandjina spirits.

She has unique pictures of petroglyphs in her country, the Northern Flinders Ranges of SA

that her elders believe are pre-aboriginal. It’s possible they depict the seeding of humanity by our

ET family located at the place of creation itself. They are so old that many are now falling off the rock faces.

Make up your own mind once you’ve seen the evidence.

*In this 2 hour presentation, you will hear stories and see pictures only

possible with an indigenous Elder.

About Sri Devi Mulara

Mulara is a healer, teacher, musician, counsellor, executive coach, academic and consultant.

She has worked internationally including as an NGO delegate to the Women’s United Nations Conference

in Beijing and is experienced in leading outdoor expeditions in many parts of Australia and the world

including the Himalayas, Alaska and the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea.

She has researched at PhD level into values, ethics and leadership and has received

numerous awards for her work, including an Australian Prime Minister’s Award of Merit.

Sri Devi Mulara is a qualified Ignite Your Spirit Therapist who specialises in cleansing energy fields of

individuals and groups, and guides people to a deeper connection with Mother Earth.

She was given her spiritual name ‘Sri Devi’ by Shakti Durga, the well-known Australian Guru and

Spiritual Leader of Shanti Mission in 2011. Sri Devi means ‘Divine Goddess’ and ‘Illumination’.

Her spiritual soul name is in alignment with her work with the Divine Mother Earth.

Mulara’s family are from Afghani (outback camel drivers), Aboriginal and Celtic descent.

Her aboriginal spirit was welcomed back to Adnyamathanha country by an esteemed elder in 2012.

She was named ‘Mulara’ by indigenous grandmothers and given their teachings to guide people

in her work with them throughout the world.

For more about Mulara’s work visit www.sacredsonglines.com

Venue: Kenmore Library, Kenmore Village Shopping Centre,

9 Brookfield Road, Kenmore, Brisbane. Entry via lift from the undercover carpark

adjacent to the main shopping complex.

Entry: UFORQ Members: $10 Non-Members $15 Tickets at the door. (includes supper)
Enquiries: 07 3376 1780 or info@uforq.asn.au

*Information and opinions presented at these meetings do not necessarily reflect

the views of UFO Research Queensland Inc and are presented for research purposes only.

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